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Navigating the Complex Planning Process

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Maximising Stakeholder Returns

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Delivering on Agreements

Consistently Delivering on Agreements

The planning system is very complex and despite periodic reform, will remain so. Navigating a path through this labyrinth from strategic land to planning permission is expensive, risky, uncertain and requires an expert and experienced hand at the helm.

Robert Hitchins has successfully promoted land through the system for over 60 years and we understand that the decision facing a landowner in choosing the right partner to be responsible for achieving planning permission is paramount.

Our track record has few equals and our reputation has been built on success and fairness.

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The Opportunity

Land is an indispensable component for development to take place and whilst there is plenty of it, there is a shortage of planning permissions. This is what gives permission land its enhanced value.
We will consider land opportunities be they short, medium, or long term and we will appraise the development potential of land promptly and honestly.

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How We Work

Our job at Robert Hitchins is to take land from its existing use and carry it through the complex maze of the planning system, to the grant of a planning permission, be it for housing, business parks or retail parks, delivering sustainable development which advances economic growth and provides community benefits.

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We have an experienced and knowledgeable in-house team of surveyors, planners, engineers, designers and solicitors which is complemented by reputable external consultants.

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Case Studies

The very successful track record of the Robert Hitchins Land Team is illustrated through the delivery and completion of the projects below.

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Avon House in Bristol let to LivGreen retrofit specialists

19 June 2024

Expanding LivGreen is the new tenant at Avon House in Stoke Gifford, Bristol, following...

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Land News

Construction of flagship Dobbies begins at Cotswolds Designer Outlet site

08 December 2021

Construction has begun on a new flagship Dobbies Garden Centre at Cotswolds Designer Outlet,...

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With substantial funding available we have immediate requirements for land, development and investment opportunities throughout the South West, Midlands and South Wales so please get in touch.

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